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    John Garner

    Family man, Baylor alum avid Shark Week fan and entertainer



    Meet John

    John L. Garner is CFO of ClearView Risk Holdings, LLC. John has over 27 years of experience in high-level positions in the insurance industry. Before joining ClearView Risk in April of 2011, John was President of three insurance companies specializing in niche programs. Most recently, he was Senior Vice President of Houston International Insurance Group as well as Chairman and President of Great Midwest Insurance Company and National Health Insurance Company.

    Previously, John was President of Financial Casualty and Surety Insurance Company and CFO of the Myron Steves group from 2001 to 2008. Before joining Myron Steves, he was Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of his own consulting company which employed over 20 professionals specializing in the insurance industry. Before starting his own business, John was CFO of Underwriters Indemnity, a Houston-based property and casualty insurance group which was sold to RLI in 1999. John started his career a Senior Auditor for KPMG specializing in insurance.

    John L was born and raised in Lampasas, Texas. He left Lampasas to make his way in the world shortly after his 18th birthday, but that small town remains a big part of his life. The most important things to John are his friends and family and spending time with his daughter Candice and his granddaughter Skyler. Whether he is relaxing after work at home or a pub, watching live music, playing golf, watching Baylor sports teams, playing 42 or looking up at the stars on his family’s land, you can bet he is enjoying his time with his treasured friends and/or precious family.

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